Choosing a Sofa for Small Spaces


If you just moved in to a new apartment and you are not gifted with space but would die to have a sofa in your living room, there are many tricks and techniques that you can use to help you come up with some attractive and functional without taking much space in your home.

Modern sofas
Designers and manufacturers know that a lot of young corporate people and entrepreneur would rather rent a small apartment that fits a bachelor or a bachelorette that invest in big homes. And because the this target market is continually growing, the trend today for sofas in Sydney and other parts of the country is compact sofas. These are scaled down furniture that will fit any small space like a small living room, bedroom, den or guest room.

Apartment sofas
This is also a new trend. These are furniture that perfectly fits small spaces then can go as small as 66 inches and just about 40 inches deep. There is usually just a pair of cushion and rather small arms. Designs vary and there are those that have an armless structure to do away with obstruction.

Sectional sofa
This type of sofa are also great for small spaces. Although they are bigger than a single couch, as a matter of fact, they are good for cramp areas because they are small sectionals that go through a corner or separated all together. You can get a 2 or 4 piece sofa, without the arms, so you can have more versatility.

Illusion of space
If you want to create an illusion of space, you need to remove bulky designs and barrier that may trick the eye to perceive more space. For example, a sofa with open legs and space underneath, gives it a spacious look. Low-slung sofas give the perception of space and takes up less volume than those sofas that sits higher.

Sofa beds
Sofabeds in Sydney are also getting popular because they are both functional and save a lot of space. You can have a sofa in the morning and a bed for sleeping at night. It is also great as an extra bed for guests and friends who might enjoy your company overnight.

Simple and solid colored
Do away with overstuffed and bulky sofas that take up more space that what it actually needs. Very deep sofas also eat a lot of floor space. Choose sofas that are simple and solid colored rather than those that have bold prints. Classic lines and simple design are best for small spaces.


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